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    Dialog Axiata Establishes 5G Innovation Centres at Leading Universities

    In collaboration with the University Grants Commission (UGC), Dialog Axiata PLC recently established ‘5G Innovation Centres’ at the Engineering Faculties of leading universities to create and incubate interest-driven learning, innovation and entrepreneurship for future leaders.

    These Innovation Centres aim to empower students to be interdisciplinary, computational, and entrepreneurial by giving students first-hand experience with 5G connectivity and many of its cutting-edge use cases. This includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, blockchain, robotics, the internet of things (IoT) and related emerging technologies that will fuel national innovation and economic diversification.

    Speaking about the initiative, Snr. Prof. Sampath Amaratunge, Chairman of the University Grants Commission said, “We are grateful to Dialog Axiata for this extraordinary show of support in establishing 5G Innovation Centres at leading Universities across the nation. This is a milestone moment in UGC’s history. These 5G Innovation Centres will help shape the future leaders of this nation and catalyse the digital evolution of Sri Lanka.”

    Mr. Oshada Senanayake, Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka added, “Over the years, Dialog Axiata has been an ever-present driving force in the development of the country’s education sector, especially at the height of the pandemic. This latest notable initiative by Dialog will propel our efforts in establishing Sri Lanka as a major tech hub.”

    Prof. Lalith Gamage, Chief Executive Officer of SLIIT said, “We are grateful to Dialog for extending this fine opportunity for both state and private sector University students to get involved in producing innovative solutions and get exposure to cutting edge technologies and related platforms, with the 5G Innovation Centres acting as a nerve centre.”

    Commenting, Mr. Supun Weerasinghe, Group Chief Executive of Dialog Axiata PLC said, “We are pleased to extend these 5G Innovation Centres to the Sri Lankan University ecosystem and be at the vanguard of national innovation that leverages technology for positive societal impact. This initiative by Dialog to establish a network of innovation centres joins academic expertise and industry partners to define and develop the 5G infrastructure that will underpin the way we live our lives and reflects a bold vision for a transformational future for Sri Lanka by supporting industries that will drive the country forward.”

    Mr. Liang Yi, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Sri Lanka said, “Huawei being the leading global provider of 5G technology is delighted to partner with Dialog to cultivate innovation at local technology and educational centres. This would enable advanced R&D activities and early adaptation of latest technology that would, in turn, fuel the growth of local industries.”

    Commenting, Mr. Vinod Samarawickrama, Managing Director of Ericsson Sri Lanka said, “As a global leader in 5G technology, Ericsson is delighted to contribute to building the 5G ecosystem in Sri Lanka through the Innovation Centre. The Innovation Centre will undoubtedly serve as a Hub for collaboration between academia, students and entrepreneurs that will fuel innovation and usher in a new era of digital transformation for Sri Lanka, paving the way for Industry 4.0. We look forward to helping Sri Lanka realize a future that is powered by 5G.”

    At the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution, where 5G technology is perceived to be a key enabler in the connected world, the establishment of these 5G Innovation Centres will play a pivotal role in fostering the development of creative and digital industries in the country.

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